There is power in numbers. Which is why we at Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation so respect the generosity of our donors, whether an individual, a family or a business. Every gift received, no matter type or size, can be pooled with other resources and then leveraged to go much further than a standalone contribution. That lets us help donors more effectively meet their charitable and philanthropic goals and better help the needs of local communities.

LRCF connects donors with the causes they care about most. Whether you want to assist with affordable housing, education, the arts, animal care or another specific charity or cause, we’ll help you find a worthy recipient. We’ll also gladly help you manage your gift if you prefer to stay involved. And, we can set up and turn your fund into a lasting legacy for generations to come. Learn how to help us help others today.

With a gift of $10,000 or more, you can create a new named fund that will support specific charities or a broad area in which you would like to make an impact.  (A minimum gift of $5,000 will establish a named fund, with the agreement it will become $10,000 within two years.)

Contributions of any size to existing funds are welcome.

All gifts are pooled for investment purposes.  At the present time, all LRCF assets are managed by RBC Wealth Management.  The LRCF investment fee charged is 50 basis points, or less.

Assets may be managed by an independent investment advisor provided that all such assets are managed in accordance with the LRCF Investment Policy.  Minimum fund values are required for investment of LRCF assets by an independent advisor.