Nonprofit Endowment Funds

Nonprofit Endowment Fund can be established by an individual donor for a specific nonprofit agency, or by the nonprofit organization itself.

Once the fund is created, spendable income from this endowment is made available annually to the nonprofit organization in support of its charitable mission.

The Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation’s mission is to promote regional philanthropy and develop community capital.  This mission is fulfilled by creating endowments, which generate a source of permanent income for charitable organizations.  LRCF provides local charitable organizations with expertise in administration and investment management for their endowment funds.

The Nonprofit Endowment Fund is another expression of the reality that a donor does not give to the Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation…but through it.

An initial gift of $5,000 can establish an LRCF Nonprofit Endowment Fund.  Additional gifts to the fund may be made in any amount.