Establishing a Fund

An important aspect of the LRCF mission is to help community members achieve their philanthropic goals. We invite donors to create a unique fund that reflects their wishes.  Then, each year, the income earned from these funds will support the charitable cause it was created for, helping to achieve an important aspect of the LRCF Statement of Purpose:  to provide significant financial support for local needs for residents of South Snohomish County. Almost any type of charitable giving can be accomplished through a fund in the Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation, whether you want to support a specific organization or a broad range of interests.  Grants can be made to any nonprofit organization in the name of your fund or anonymously.A new named fund can be established with a contribution of $5,000 and a simple agreement, usually in one meeting.  (A minimum gift of $2,500 will create a named fund, with the understanding it will become $5,000 within two years.)  Listed below are the types of funds you might wish to establish:

Designated Fund               Assists specific nonprofit organizations

Donor Advised Fund      Involves a high level of donor involvement

Field of Interest Fund   Supports broad areas of interest

Unrestricted Fund            Flexibility to address changing needs

Nonprofit Endowment   Lasting support of specific organizations

For more information on how you can establish a fund, and to learn more about the concept of philanthropy, please use the navigation bars at the top.