Why Use LRCF

As you consider all the philanthropic options available, it is worth your time to ask the question:  Why use LRCF for your charitable giving?

Items to consider:

Tax Advantaged and Professional
Contributions to the Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation qualify for maximum income, gift and estate tax deductions.  LRCF can receive many types of assets, and will work with your trusted personal advisors to incorporate your charitable wishes into an estate or financial plan.  LRCF professionalism assures maximum impact on community needs…now and in the future.

Convenient and Efficient
Each fund is maintained separately, but pooling funds for investment and administration increases efficiency.  LRCF writes and mails checks, monitors results and handles reporting, legal and audit requirements.  When compared to establishing and administering a private foundation, the Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation offers increased flexibility and deductibility for gifts.

Simple and Flexible
A new fund can be established with a simple agreement, usually in one meeting.  Almost any type of charitable giving can be accomplished through a fund at the Lynnwood Rotary Community Foundation, whether you want to support a specific organization or a broad range of  recipients.